2388301 - PlastCoat HP 30 Spraypack будаг, замаск шүршигч

Бэлэн байхгүй

Үйлдвэрлэгч – Вагнер

Ангилал – Гадна, дотор заслын шүршигч төхөөрөмж

Хэрэглээ – Бүх төрлийн заслын будаг

Салбар – Барилга, дэд бүтэц

Simplest handling: The user-friendly operating concept enables error-free application - even for beginners. The ergonomic airless gun and high-pressure hose guarantee a high level of operating comfort when applying the material.

Maximum performance: The PlastCoat HP 30 provides a convincing delivery capacity of >10kg/min. The spraying pressure can also be freely adjusted (40-120 bar).

Exceptionally reliable: The low-wear and low-maintenance spiral pump is characterised by its robust and proven technology. In addition, airless spraying technology allows particularly high-quality surfaces to be achieved.

Flexible use: Thanks to HEA technology, the spiral pump can easily be converted for the application of dispersion paints.

Low-noise power-plastering: The PlastCoat HP 30 enables quiet and comfortable airless spraying without an additional compressor at up to 120 bar working pressure.

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Үнийн санал

Article number

2388 301

Materials handled

Water-based primers, Outdoor and indoor water-based dispersion paints, Fabric adhesives and dispersion paints, Dispersion fillers, Airless fillers, Mineral fillers

Max. delivery rate

>10 kg / min (airless dispersion spray filler)

Max. feed height

20 m

Max. delivery radius

22.5 m

Operating pressure

Max. 120 bar, 12MPa


72 kg

Motor output

2.3 kW


230 V / 50Hz


Worm pumps



Explosion protection


Max. grain size

0.3 mm (Airless fillers, dispersion fillers)