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As experts in the markets who supply and receive regular training, our Graco partners offer focused guidance in finding the right solution for each application. Dedicated technical resources provide the necessary support to get started with any of our products. Their professional service includes maintenance and repair, reducing downtime to a minimum. All Graco distributors are specifically chosen for their high quality service meeting Graco standards for their particular area of work.

1. Acoustic Insulation

Whether you’re applying acoustic renders in thicker layers onto substrates like concrete, or looking to apply an (Airless) finish to acoustic panels, a Graco solution is at hand to make your job easier.

Acoustic renders often contain aggregates or fibres to absorb sound, and therefore require application systems that can handle these aggregates.

Acoustic finish coats are applied to sound-absorbing panels. Although they also contain fibres to muffle sound, these are typically shorter in length. These materials are often formulated to enable application with Airless systems.

Mark Max™

The small-diameter hose on this compact

airless sprayer makes it easy to apply

acoustic finish coats to walls and ceilings.

Operating at a maximum pressure of 230

bar, you’re guaranteed to get the finish

you’re looking for.

Up to 70 meter hose possible

Applies acoustic finish coats without

a compressor


If you’re looking for versatility, the T-Max

is what you want. Setting it to Airless mode

allows you to apply thin finish coats with

a max. pressure of 65 bar, or you can

spray renders with an aggregate size up

to 1 mm by hooking up a compressor to

your sprayer.

Thin layers of acoustic finish in

airless mode

Thicker render coats up to 1 mm

aggregate with a compressor

Up to 30 meter hose possible


A powerful all-in-1 machine. Compact and

easy to move around and with a built-in

compressor to handle acoustic renders

with an aggregate size up to 3 mm.

Apply thicker render coats up to 3 mm

in aggregate

Compact unit with built-in


Up to 10 meter hose possible

1. Heat Insulation

Spray foam insulation (or PUR) is formed using a combination of two composite materials, polyol resin and iso-cyanate.

The two materials chemically react, causing the combined substance to expand and harden. During the insulation

process, both materials are simultaneously ejected from the tip of a spray gun, allowing them to expand and form

a layer of spray foam on a surface.

Spray foam is a premium thermal insulation material as it expands to 120 times its initial volume, it fills cavities of

any shape, and adheres tenaciously to most construction materials. It provides a continuous, protective air barrier

that helps to minimise air leakage and intrusion, and provides exceptional heat transfer reduction.

Exterior insulation and finish system, or EIFS refers to a multi-layered exterior finish that provides exterior walls

with an insulating, water-resistant surface. Energy efficiency, together with aesthetics and creative freedom make

EIFS a popular insulation system around the world. Typically, EIFS consists of 6 layers, of which the liquid ones can

be applied using Graco equipment.

1. An optional water-resistant barrier that covers the substrate

2. Adhesive to attach insulation board to the supporting structure (in some cases mechanical fasteners may be used)

3. Insulation board (usually EPS) secured to the exterior wall sur face substrate, most often with adhesive

4. Base coat, an acrylic or polymer-based cement applied to the top of the insulation, then reinforced

with fibreglass reinforcement mesh

5. Reinforcement mesh, embedded in the base coat material

6. Finish, a textured finish coat that is decorative and protective.

Reactor™ 2

Plural-component proportioning system for

spraying Polyurethane Foam (PUR). Ideal

for insulation of wall cavities, floors, attics,

cellars and crawl spaces.

Consistent temperature control,

even when spraying at maximum

flow rates

Excellent durability and performance

with high duty cycles

Monitor, track and collect all spray data

Basic model for occasional EIFS jobs, with

a compact design that makes the RTX easy

to move around on residential job sites.

No need for an external compressor as

this is included in the sprayer. The base

coat and finish coat can be sprayed up to

an aggregate size of 3 mm.

230V system with built-in compressor

Plug-and-play: easy control

Compact and easy to move around


Designed for stucco or EIFS materials, the

Graco ToughTek S340 pump easily handles

base coats, finish coats and air/waterresistant

barrier materials - and delivers these

in a smooth, steady flow.

Plug-and-play – the ToughTek F340e

pump plugs into a standard 230V or

120V wall outlet

Variable speed control – dial in the

exact speed needed

Optional remote start/stop switch –

lets the nozzle operator start or stop

the pump

2. Smooth Finishing

A widely adopted and popular way of finishing interior walls is to apply (a) relatively thin layer(s) of a plaster skim

coat. After being applied, the coating is troweled to a smooth and even finish. An airless application is the way to

save time, whether using the dry powder or with a ready-mix compound which typically comes in bags or buckets.

Gypsum or mineral-based powders are often still applied by hand. Nevertheless, an accurate water-mixing ratio

and method allows for airless application as well. These materials are typically used on more porous substrates

that require more filling.

Ready-mix polymer modified finish materials come in various containers – usually bags and buckets. Depending

on the substrate, the formula can vary from heavy viscous materials to fill more porous substrates such as

concrete or limestone blocks, to liquid for very thin skim coats on drywall.